getting started

Seasonal smoothie bowl 6

Chia & flax seed granola, coconut yoghurt 6

Fresh fruit salad 5.5


Vegetarian breakfast: two eggs made to your preference served on toast, confit roast tomato button mushrooms, crushed avocado, chargrilled halloumi, baked beans 10

B&H cheeseburger, fries, tomato, gem salad and burger sauce 13.5

Steak and eggs breakfast salad 15


Baked green eggs, all mixed up 10

Broccoli, courgette, cucumber, baby gem, peas and fresh pesto with baked eggs

Eggs Royale: smoked salmon, hollandaise sauce, toasted English muffin 9.5

Huevos Benedictos: chorizo, avocado, béarnaise sauce, pico de gallo 10.5

Eggs in red wine, toasted brioche 10

Sweet potato frittaffle, fried duck egg 10

Eggs in purgatory 12.5

B&H spiced tomato sauce, nduja, sausage, baked eggs, spring onions


Vegan Banana, blueberry & buckwheat, dropscones, coconut yoghurt, toasted almonds 9.5

Earl grey crème brûlée, bergamot shortbread 8

Warm chocolate brownie, chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream 8


Chorizo 4.5

Crushed avocado 4.5

Crispy bacon 4

Smoked salmon 5

French fries 4.5

Sweet potato fries 4.5

Greek yoghurt 4

Toast (available gf) 2

Cumberland sausage ring 5